Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Release Date on Netflix!

The primary season of “Tian Guan Ci Fu” was aired from Oct 31, 2020, to Jan 2, 2021. A few fans have proactively watched the series and are enthusiastic about more data about the Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2.

The story of the Chinese fantasy anime Heaven’s Official Blessing, which is based on the works of Mo Xiang Tong Xi, follows Xie Lian, the crowned prince of the Xian Le realm, who has repeatedly been exiled and shamed from the heavens.

On MyAnimeList, Heaven Official’s Blessing (Tian Guan Ci Fu) is ranked at #165 with a rating of 8.40 with about 102,054 members. Meanwhile, on IMBD the series received a rating of 8.2, based on fans’ feedback.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Heaven Official’s Blessing

Yes, Heaven Official’s Blessing anime series has renewed its contract for the second season. It is expected to return in 2023.

A trailer for the second season of Bilibili’s anime adaptation of Heaven Official’s Blessing was released without a release date being made public. The second season will likely have a special episode and will likely consist of 11 episodes when it premieres in 2022.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no official release date for Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2. However, HITC hopes that the animation for the program will restart in early 2023 now that it is confirmed that production started in January 2021, also the trailer was released on May 10, 2022.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2

The only issue is that when the show’s broadcast on Bilibili concludes, it will probably still be accessible via overseas streaming providers. The series debuted on Funimation in the spring of this year, and it debuted on Netflix in April.

Release Date: 2023 (in production)
Anime Name: Tian Guan Ci Fu (Heaven Official’s Blessing)
Total Episodes: 11
Streaming: Netflix

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Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Plot

Before going through what happens in the second season of Tian Guan Ci Fu, let’s explore and find out what happened in the previous season.

Xie Lian served as the Xian Le kingdom’s Crown Prince eight hundred years ago. He was adored by his people and regarded as the world’s darling.

He was young when he entered the Heavens, but owing to sad events, he was immediately exiled to the world of the living. Years later, he ascends once more, but only for a few minutes before being exiled once more.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2

Eight hundred years later, Xie Lian makes his third ascent to the Heavens in the role of the laughingstock of the three kingdoms.

As a deity who has attained three ascensions, Xie Lian is given his first job when he encounters a strange ghost that controls the ghosts and terrorizes the Heavens; however, Xie Lian is unaware that the ghost king has been keeping an eye on him.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Trailer

The trailer was released on May 10, 2022. the same production studios (Haoliners Animation League) are going to animate this season as well.

Where can I watch Tian Guan Ci Fu Season 2?

Netflix & Funimation are some of the sites where you can watch Link Click Season 2, once it is out, will most likely be available there.

Is Hua Cheng in love with Xie Lian?

Since their time as mortals, Hua Cheng has had intense affection for Xie Lian and is said to have been in love with him from the beginning. Xie Lian can scarcely refuse Hua Cheng anything because of how much he loves the man.

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Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

I. Characters & Cast

Character Voice Actor
Cheng Hua Jun Fukuyama
Lian Xie Hiroshi Kamiya
Qingxuan Shi Ayako Kawasumi
Wen Ling Youko Hikasa
Qing Mu Chiaki Kobayashi
Yao Fu Chiaki Kobayashi


II. Anime Staff

Anime Staff Position Staff
Director Li Haoling
Series Composition, Script
Character Design
Studio Haoliners Animation League


Final Words (Conclusion)

Heaven Official’s Blessing 2 is clearly affirmed to return as the story is as yet incomplete in season 1. Work has previously been made on the anime, and we desire to see season 2 on Netflix in 2023.

Now you know the likely Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Release Date.

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